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Police / Police investigate possible crime at Lerwick post office

The post office on Commercial Street. Photo: Shetland News

POLICE in Shetland have confirmed that investigations are ongoing into a suspected crime at the Lerwick post office on Commercial Street.

The branch, located within Conochies newsagents, closed suddenly on Wednesday this week due to what was described by Post Office Ltd as “unforeseen circumstances”.

Both Post Office Ltd and Conochies declined to give any more detail.

Police chief inspector Paul Daley has now confirmed to Shetland News that detectives have responded to a report of a suspected crime at the post office branch.

“This is likely to be a lengthy and detailed enquiry and is in the early stages.  No one has been cautioned and charged with any offences at the moment,” the Shetland area commander said.

The post office branch opened again on Friday morning.

Meanwhile, police are reminding drivers to ensure that they are not driving whilst the MOT on their vehicles has expired.

Daley said officers have issued a number of fixed penalties over recent months for people driving without a valid MOT certificate.

“Can I ask all drivers to check that their MOT certificates have not lapsed and if so, make arrangements to get an MOT carried out,” he said.

“Cars should not be driven meantime, and only allowed to travel to a booked appointment at the MOT testing station.”