Community / People reminded to only leave ‘footprints’ at Sands of Sound beach as buried broken glass causes worry

The Sands of Sound beach. Photo © Mike Pennington (cc-by-sa/2.0)

A REMINDER has been made to take away all rubbish from the Sands of Sound beach in Lerwick – and to be aware of broken glass, which may have been deliberately placed under the sand.

Lerwick Community Council member Damien Ristori said there were reports last week of broken glass buried under softer sand at the top of the beach.


Community council chairman Jim Anderson said it was “just despicable” if done deliberately.

Ristori and Lerwick South councillor Peter Campbell said they had both spoken to environmental health officers about this.

But as it is private land there is little the council could do about it, the meeting heard.

Campbell did say it appeared there were some individuals prepared to do a clean-up.

Lerwick North councillor John Fraser said the best way forward could be to raise public awareness on the issue, and to remind people to leave nothing at the beach apart from footprints.

There was also a need to inform people to watch out for the glass in the sand, he said.

The issue of litter at the Sands of Sound beach has regularly been raised over the years, with the area a popular spot for gatherings.

Anderson also suggested a sign could be one way to help tackle the issue.

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