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Coronavirus / New Covid case recorded in isles

A NEW case of coronavirus has been confirmed in Shetland – the first since late January.

It means the total cumulative tally of cases recorded in the isles now stands at 211. The last change in the figures was on 26 January, when the total rose by one to 210.

The new case has no history of travel which indicates that the virus is still in the community and that it is important to abide by the FACTS guidance, NHS Shetland said.

NHS Shetland public health principal Elizabeth Robinson said a lot of work was being done at a national level to increase the number of people having regular tests even when they were asymptomatic. This was to try and identify and isolate cases early.

“This is especially important in environments where the virus can spread easily – like a workplace, care facility or classroom,” she said.

Robinson also said the Shetland community had done well to contain the North Mainland outbreak where more than 100 people were infected.

“We have come out of a very difficult time but because the community followed the guidance and, most importantly, stayed at home, it was contained. We appeal to everyone to remain vigilant and to request a test, for any cold or flu-like symptoms.”

The main symptoms for Covid are a fever, new cough and loss of taste and or smell.

“Many people have reported very minor symptoms, but they are still infectious and could pass the virus on to someone who might become very unwell,” Robinson said.

Shetland remains under level three restrictions, which allows some liberties, but which does not allow people to socialise in other’s homes unless they are providing care or have created an extended family for the duration of the lockdown.

Across Scotland another 584 new cases of Covid have been reported.