Police / Police appeal to parents after large group of youths gather in centre of Lerwick

POLICE are asking parents of teenage children to be “extra vigilant regarding their whereabouts” following “several weekends of anti-social behaviour by youths within Lerwick town centre”.

Officers said a group of approximately 100 youths are congregating regularly in the Market Cross area of Lerwick at weekends, many of whom are said to be heavily intoxicated through alcohol.


Police said they were required to disperse a large group at approximately 2am on Sunday morning (6 September), with the majority under 16 years old. An image of Harrison Square appeared to show people also not adhering to social distancing guidelines.

Current coronavirus guidance in Scotland, meanwhile, says generally people can take part in outdoor recreation with people from up to four other households at a time, at a maximum of 15 people.

You should stay at least two metres apart from people from other households at all times, and not meet people from more than four other households in total each day (whether indoors and/or outdoors).

Young people aged 12 to 17 can meet up to four other households at a time – in groups of up to 15 people in total, the same as adults. But there is no limit to the number of households that they can meet in one day.