Coronavirus / ‘No change policy’ to apply on council buses

COUNCIL buses will not be giving passengers any change from Sunday (12 April) to reduce the need for bus drivers to handle cash.

Instead, essential travellers will be asked to pay the exact fare by cash or by the preferred method of contactless bank card.

A local bus service contactless card is also available on buses, which can be topped up with exact cash for the minimum of £5 and upwards or by contactless bank card.


SIC executive manager for transport planning Michael Craigie said: “Local bus drivers do not have immediate access to hand washing facilities after taking each fare and to address some of their concerns, we have introduced this ‘no change given’ policy.  

“We’d encourage passengers to use one of the contactless options available, or exact change only, to pay the bus fare for any essential travel.”

Passengers using a local bus service card receive 20 per cent off the full fare on every journey and the cards can be used as payment for fares until the balance runs out.

According to the council the “no change given” policy will be in place for the duration of the coronavirus pandemic and “reviewed when movement restrictions are relaxed.”