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Letters / What does it say about Shetland men?

I totally agree with everything John Waters of Lerwick says about inequality for women 365 days of the year (There are more important issues of inequality; SN 16 January 2020).

I know Lerwick Up Helly Aa is only on one day, but it is symbolic of the continuing attitude of some men towards women.

It is over a century since women were given the vote, after a long and very painful campaign. A hundred years later, it is really outrageous that a group of men ‘will not allow’ women to participate in the procession in a squad.

I have been reliably informed that my plea to squads to boycott next year’s Up Helly Aa, unless women and girls are admitted, will fall on deaf ears. I hope not.

But if so, what does this say about our Shetland men?

Dorothy O’Brien