By-Election 2019 - Shetland Central / Moraig Lyall


Hello, I’m Moraig Lyall and I’d like to ask for your vote in the upcoming by-election for the local council.  I am an independent candidate; I have never been a member of any political party.

People who know me often remark on the energy I bring to everything I am involved in and it is this, along with integrity, openness and a strong desire to serve the community, that I would use to represent the people of Shetland Central if elected.

Born in Perthshire I have spent my life living in rural communities in Kintyre, Tiree and Nairnshire prior to moving to Shetland – I understand the challenges faced by rural communities.

What can I bring to the job? Twenty years of working as a teacher so I know something of the challenges of education. Five years employed as a care worker discovering first-hand the pressures facing service delivery.  These are two key areas of council service.

I have a lifetime of community involvement. I am currently treasurer to Tingwall hall, volunteer at the Bressay Parkrun and have involvement in children’s and youth work.

I would now like to use all that experience in a broader context representing the community in the town hall.

I have an ability to speak up and to think clearly and rationally and would make decisions for the good of the community – I would listen and explore each issue before coming to conclusions.

I believe strongly in the value of families and communities and that the local authority should implement policies and practices to enable both to flourish.

Some of the issues we need to address are:

  • We need more young Shetlanders to stay here and others to come. Vital care, NHS and education jobs remain unfilled and attracting people to work here is essential so we need to overcome the barriers of the transport costs involved in getting on and off the island and finding suitable housing.
  • We need to protect our natural environment, finding more sustainable ways of living for the long-term health of our islands.
  • We need to support teachers to do their job – teaching, while providing the right support for pupils who require it.
  • We need to tackle the issues faced by our most vulnerable residents including poor health, the impact of alcohol and drug abuse and isolation.

Financial considerations are important; communities can only prosper with a strong economy, but the impact of decisions on people and the natural environment need to be fully taken into consideration.

Locally I would like to see the creation of a network of paths around Tingwall including, crucially, a pedestrian underpass at the A970 to let families living on the other side of the junction access the school, hall and playpark on foot or cycle without crossing the main road delivering improved health, road safety and health.

Please feel free to contact me via

Phone: 07561 317617