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Letters / Healing rift in the community?

‘Ceremony to heal community division’ says the headlines in the Shetland News (‘Lament for the Lang Kames’ sees coffin burned at Voe, SN; 28/9/19).

How a few folk wandering along the Kames with a coffin can even begin to heal anything escapes me.

We are dealing with ruthless multinational companies here who don’t give a damn about Shetland or it’s environment – their only concern is making money for their shareholders.

Over the past ten years I have written letters, poured tea and made sandwiches for fundraising events as well as taking part in many other activities.

I have also contributed – among others – a four figure sum of money in the attempt to prevent this abomination going ahead. I do not have the slightest intention or desire to heal any rift within the ‘community’ nor do I feel any guilt for trying to protect my health and environment.

Donnie Morrison