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Letters / Petty and narrow-minded

I was surprised to read in Loganair’s passenger numbers up – while airline gets a tartan makeover (SN, 01/08/2017) the suggestion (tongue in cheek, surely?) that Shetland travellers might possibly think of giving Loganair the body swerve due to the inclusion of a tartan touch in the airline’s new corporate livery, despite it being less lurid than Flybe’s purple makeover colour scheme.

 Such a suggestion is worthy only of the most petty and narrow-minded of the “usual suspects” associated with the Wir Shetland outfit.

For goodness sake, Sumburgh is only one of a dozen Scottish airports served by Loganair, which is a Scottish airline.

Long may they continue to offer complimentary Tunnock’s caramel wafers or shortbread on their flights.

Bill Adams