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Letters / Good-spirited campaign

I would like to offer my congratulations again to Tavish Scott on his re-election, and to my fellow candidates Danus Skene and Robina Barton after a good-spirited campaign, which focused on local issues which are important to Shetland both now and looking forward.

I would also like to thank my election agent, Gordon Harmer, and the volunteers and members of the Shetland Conservative Association who all worked extremely hard on our campaign.

I couldn’t have managed without them, and would like to particularly thank the chairman, Maurice Mullay, for putting up with me in the car as we tried to visit as much of Shetland as possible ahead of the elections.

Lastly, I would like to thank all those who voted for me, and those who voted for the Scottish Conservatives on the regional ballot.

I really enjoyed the campaign – even the hustings! – but it would not have been half as enjoyable without the fantastic team that helped me, the great reception I received when speaking to folk when campaigning across Shetland – whether voting Conservative or not – and the excellent camaraderie amongst the four candidates.

I wish Tavish the very best for the coming five years in Holyrood, and look forward to persuading even more people to back the Scottish Conservatives at the next elections in Shetland.

Cameron Smith