Letters / Fed up with cronyism

I too appreciate Jonathan’s position, all too well.

Now a partial climb down from SCT has been secured and he will be able to represent his views, and good luck to him. (Trust’s ‘undemocratic’ reform: row rumbles on; SN, 09/05/16)

But who is going to speak for the many folk who are fed up of cronyism and want a directly elected trust?


Allowing appointees to remain, as Jonathan apparently wishes, only entrenches cronyism.

The power elite on SCT will encourage their pals to put themselves forwards, and coach them on how to present themselves whilst giving a nod and a wink to let the others know that this is the right sort they are looking for.

Massey now suggests a range of possibilities might yet be consulted on locally, but will it be the full range?

Yes, let’s have an orderly meeting that gives the people of Shetland back the consultation SCT threatened to steal, but with the prospect that they be trusted with appointing trustees directly through the ballot as our more progressive cousins in the Western Isles have been able to do for many a year on the Stornoway Trust.

Will Wills also speak out to secure a voice for those he disagrees with or has he entirely forgotten his liberal roots?

Peter Hamilton