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Daroja arrives at Lerwick after collision

The Erin Wood listing with the Daroja in the background - Photos: RNLI Peterhead

THE STREAMLINE cargo boat Daroja arrived at Lerwick harbour on Monday morning after having been involved in a collision with another vessel off Peterhead on Saturday afternoon.

The small fuel supply tanker Erin Wood almost capsized after taking a large ingress of water through the wheelhouse.

Peterhead lifeboat attended and transferred a salvage pump across to the stricken vessel.

It took several hours to reduce the water level in her engine room and cabin.

The Erin Wood was then towed to Peterhead by the trawler Ocean Endeavour, while the Daroja was escorted into harbour.

The lifeboat crew spent several hours pumping the Erin Wood's engine room dry.

Streamline managing director Gareth Crichton said on Monday that following a survey the company’s chartered vessel was cleared to continue its journey north on Sunday afternoon.

An investigation into the collision by the Marine Accident Investigation Branch is under way.

No one was injured in the accident, which happened during daylight hours and at force four south-westerly winds.

The Cyprus registered Daroja is owned by the Germany based shipping investment fund MS “Marjesco” Schiffsbeteiligungs GmbH & Co. KG.

Crichton said: “We will be contacting customers this morning (Monday) to apologise for the delay and making arrangements to get the vessel discharged and goods distributed as quickly as possible.

“We await further information regarding the detail of the incident from the MAIB investigation”.