Filla back at sea

THE FERRY that serves the small Shetland archipelago of Out Skerries was back in service on Thursday after being out of action since the start of the month following a collision at Symbister harbour.

The Filla sustained a ten inch hole in its bulbous bow and dented its bulwark when she ran into and scraped along the concrete pier on the isle of Whalsay.


The vessel was taken to Lerwick’s Morrison Dock, where repairs were carried out by local engineering firms Malakoff and HNP under supervision of its owners, Shetland Islands Council.

During the three weeks the Filla has been out of service, her work has been carried out by her sister vessels Fivla, Geira and Thora.

The master of the vessel on board at the time of the incident was not suspended, and is back on duty after his usual leave.

The council’s inter island ferries board discussed the incident in private on Friday, but would make no comment as it involved a staffing matter.

Transport development manager Ken Duerden said the council was awaiting the outcome of the Marine Accident and Investigation Board’s report into the collision.

He added that maintenance work had been carried out while the Filla was in Lerwick harbour that would reduce the amount and cost of the dry dock work due to be carried