Arts / Fair Isle chairs exhibition goes online

Eve Eunson. Photo: Ewan Nicolson

PEOPLE unable to get to the Shetland Museum to see an exhibition on Fair Isle chairs can now do it from the luxury of their own home in a virtual tour.

Museum operator Shetland Amenity Trust has uploaded a video to its YouTube page of Eve Eunson speaking about her exhibition.


She is joined by museum curator Ian Tait.

Eunson spent two years researching the history and traditional craft skills used to make the historic chairs, before embarking on making her own.

The video talk takes viewers on a virtual tour of the exhibition to discover stories from the past and explains how Eunson researched and learnt to create her new handcrafted pieces.

Similar videos are expected to be uploaded online in the future for both new exhibitions and current displays in the museum.

Lifelong learning co-ordinator Yvonne Reynolds said: “During the pandemic, we’ve had to rethink how we can offer visitors, who may not be able to visit the museum, other ways to enjoy current exhibitions.

“We would normally have gallery tours, talks and lectures as part of the learning programme.

“Due to restrictions, we’ve quickly had to adapt how we can engage with our visitors.

“We hope that people who may not be able to visit at the moment can still enjoy and learn more about our exhibitions. The videos will also create a legacy of exhibitions for years to come.”

The Fair Isle chairs will be on display until the end of May, with a new exhibition by professional artist and sculptor Roberta Fulford to be unveiled in June.