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Community / Isles’ most popular baby names in 2020 revealed

THE MOST popular baby names in Shetland in 2020 have been revealed.

Tommy, Theo, Brodie and Krissi topped the local list, according to new statistics released today (Tuesday).

Each of those names were used three times last year for babies whose mothers were living in Shetland.

When broken down to council area the data, from National Records of Scotland, only includes first forenames given to three or more babies, so names used once or twice are not included.

Across Scotland Jack was the most popular boys name and Isla was the most popular girls name.

Other popular names included Noah, James, Leo, Oliver, Olivia, Emily, Freya, Ava and Sophie.

Names which increased in popularity from the previous year include Roman – which jumped up 68 places in the list to land at No.33 – and Mollie, which rose 40 places.

Some names which have dropped in popularity in Scotland since 2019 include Lucy, Hunter, Emma and Cameron.

The full list can be found through this link.