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Nature / Rare Tennessee Warbler delights bird enthusiasts

A Tennessee warbler seen in Yell. Photo: Dougie Preston

A RARE species of bird last seen in Britain 25 years ago has been spotted in Yell.

The sighting of the Tennessee Warbler is only the fifth on record in Britain.

It was spotted by Dougie Preston earlier today (Tuesday) in Burravoe.

“It’s something we birders dream about finding, but realistically realise it’s probably only ever going to stay a dream,” he reflected.

“It’s hard to photograph what you have just found when the adrenaline kicks in and your hands start shaking. I’m just glad every one behaved, and also managed to enjoy this amazing bird.”

It has been seen twice before in Shetland, in Fair Isle back in 1975.

The bird was next seen in the UK in Orkney in 1982, before the last sighting in St Kilda in 1995.

Brian Egan from Rare Bird Alert said it is an “extremely rare bird in Britain” and described it as an “exciting” find.

Tennessee Warblers are said to breed in Canada, and they usually migrate to Central and South America for the winter.

Photo: Rebecca Nason

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