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Community / SIC convener ‘really hopeful’ of way forward for community garden extension after talks

THERE could be a future for the extension to the Park Lane Community Garden in Lerwick after Shetland Islands Council convener Malcolm Bell encouraged its developer to seek retrospective consent.

Frank Johnson.

Frank Johnson recently received a letter from the council’s legal team asking him to remove the garden extension within 30 days because he did not have any permission in place.

Coverage of the story earlier in the week saw a large number of people speak out against the council’s move.

Johnson held a meeting with SIC convener and Lerwick councillor Malcolm Bell on Thursday and he has now been encouraged seek the necessary permission.

This would likely include landowner consent and retrospective planning permission.

Bell said he was “really hopeful” there will be a positive resolution to allow the garden to continue.

He added though that it remains “really important that people go through the right channels, and I think Frank accepts that”.

Bell also defended the actions of the council’s legal team, saying they were protecting the landowner’s interests regardless of the motives behind the development.

Scottish Parliament election, 6 May 2021