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Community / RNLI tells youngsters to stay safe when pier jumping

THE LERWICK RNLI station says it may consider closing off public access to the town’s lifeboat pier after several warnings to youngsters not to climb on the lifeboat store and the lifeboat itself to jump into the harbour went unheeded.

The lifeboat crew took to social media on Tuesday after they felt their warnings that it was unsafe to swim in the mouth of the small boat harbour while boats were coming and going were being ignored.

There were also reports of littering within a few feet of the bin.

In a Facebook post RNLI Lerwick Lifeboat said this was not about discouraging youngsters from pier jumping, but encouraging them to do it safely.

“We have talked to the individuals and explained how their actions are unsafe, and to be fair they have been apologetic and polite.

“However, our words are clearly being ignored, so I’m hoping that this post reaches them directly or via their parents. As a side note, if you’re not sure if your child is doing this, you can check the LPA webcam.”

They added: “If it carries on we may have to hold discussions with the port authority about gating the pier in order to protect the lifeboat and its belongings from damage.

“Lerwick is one of the few places in the UK that the public can get so close to a lifeboat, so it would be a shame if the actions of a few spoil it for the majority.

“Please stay safe and be respectful. We don’t want to spoil your fun, we just want to keep you safe.”