Arts / World responds with first edition of Quarantzine

Sunday Dendrologist by Hannah Harkes, Estonia

148 PEOPLE from around the world have contributed to the first edition of Quarantzine – a collection of visual art hosted by Burra based project Gaada and inspired by coronavirus self-isolation.

Amy Gear and Daniel Clark have been delighted with the high-quality response to the inaugural March “edition” of the zine and are appealing for people’s contributions for April’s edition.


Amy said that she hoped people would get in touch with their grannies, grandchildren, or whoever, to encourage them to send their artwork to Gaada – with the contact being as important as the creating itself.

She said: “We are looking for a range of ages and also the human contact. It is a peerie excuse to phone someone and see if they will do that.”

Untitled by Zoe Boltt and Alone Together by Klaudia Szlifinska, Amsterdam.

Amy is delighted with the response for April so far with 63 entries half way through the month, many from people who could be professional artists, such is the quality of their work.


But she stressed it is not a competition; it is a space for people to exhibit their work inspired by self-isolation, with all welcome to contribute.

The March pages have garnered 532 readers and 1,239 views “without us really pushing it” said Amy.

“We have had lots and lots of positive feedback and lovely emails from folk who are delighted to be involved in it.

“There are humorous ones, dark ones and happy pieces as well. It is a right mixture.”

Daniel has been pairing the artworks online so that each pair tells a story, forming a new narrative by adding the images together.

Submission guidelines can be found on the entry page and Quarantzine is open to drawing, painting, text and photography.