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Business / Grantfield fuel pumps set for return as garage gets makeover

Work ongoing at Grantfield Garage on Thursday. Photo: Chris Cope/Shetland News

FUEL pumps are set to be relaunched at Grantfield in the near future as the garage gets set for a makeover.

John Garriock, who runs Bolts Car Hire Ltd, bought the building at the end of last year after long-serving Grantfield Garage owner Magnie Williamson sold up.

The hope is to rebrand the fuel pumps, which closed in February, as Bolt’s Filling Station and have them refurbished and re-opened by the end of April.

Garriock also plans to bring Bolts Car Hire and Sinclair’s Taxis’ offices under one roof.

“The garage will be just for Bolts and Sinclair’s maintenance,” he added.

Planning permission is being sought for illuminated signs as the front of building gets set for an overhaul.

The building will no longer feature a shop, with the Grantfield snack bar – which launched in 2017 – already closed. The upstairs is set to be used as storage.

Plans for flats in the old fire station area between Grantfield Garage and Frank Williamson, meanwhile, appear to have been shelved.

It is understood developer Grantfield Developments Ltd decided against proceeding with the planning permission secured back in 2016.

The land which the flats were earmarked to be built on formed part of the sale to Garriock last year, with that area now due to become a car park.