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News round-up / Weather warning, Polycrub success, New Shetlander in the shops

STRONG to near gale force northerly winds forecast for the next few days will not only make it feel much colder again, the change in weather is also set to have an impact on NorthLink’s ferry timetable.

The company said that both their overnight passenger services are expected to arrive up to two hours late at their destinations on Thursday morning.

Similar delays are also expected for the two cargo vessels, while Thursday’s sailing of the Helliar scheduled to depart Aberdeen for Lerwick is under review.

A full up to date weather forecast including wind and swell charts can be found at https://www.shetnews.co.uk/weather/

THE STURDY Polycrub greenhouse, invented by the Northmavine Community Development Company (NCDC), is increasingly helping crofters across the Highlands and Islands to diversify their businesses.

Consultant at the Scottish Agricultural College (SAC), Rob Black, has now been successful with an application for grant funding to invest into the rigid-framed greenhouse.

This has led to Black being contacted by over 100 people looking to install Polycrubs, or similar structures to extend the scope of their crofting and farming businesses.

“The Polycrub and the related funding has given crofters an alternative; all of a sudden they could have livestock and fresh produce, so it’s a great option either for current crofters to add another enterprise, or for new entrants to make a start,” he said.

Made from recycled materials including waste pipe reclaimed from the salmon farm industry, the Polycrub company has now distribution centres in Stornoway and Inverness.

ALL SIX prize winning entries from this year’s Shetland Library’s Young Writer of the Year are just some of the many locally produced short stories that can be enjoyed in the latest issue of the New Shetlander magazine.

Others are Beth Fullerton’s Da party frock, Lynda Peterson’s A very moorie Christmas and Annie Broon’s Dancin wi Dodie.

Gwen Williamson gives an insight into the work of Shetland Link Up, a local organisation that has done sterling work in the field of mental health over a quarter of a century, with little publicity but to great effect.

There is also Da Wadder Eye, now written by former MSP Jean Urquhart and Jim Mainland comments ironically on arguments over dialect and much more. The New Shetlander is now on sale at £3.