News round-up / Worker airlifted, interconnector feedback, politician’s poll

AN OIL worker was airlifted from an oil installation 75 miles to the east of Shetland on Wednesday morning.

The man, described as “unwell” by a Shetland Coastguard spokesperson, was taken to the Clickimin landing site from where he was taken to the Gilbert Bain Hospital by a waiting ambulance.

The search and rescue helicopter landed just before midday.


SHE Transmission, the company which would commission the proposed interconnector should the Viking Energy wind farm get the go ahead, has said it is now collating and reviewing the feedback it received during a recent consultation on the cable.

The company held public events in Wick and in Lerwick earlier this summer as part of its engagement that closed on 23 August.

SHE Transmission plans to submit its application for the £710 million HVDC cable between Weisdale Voe and Noss Head, in Caithness, later this year.

HIGHLANDS and Islands MSP Jamie Halcro Johnston has launched an online poll to gauge the public’s view on the volume of candidate signs displayed mainly in Lerwick during this summer by-election campaign.

The Conservative MSP said he has also written to Shetland Islands Council to establish the impact and cost to the council of dealing with the signage, including the environmental impact of disposing of discarded posters and cable ties.

Halcro Johnston said: “The recent by election saw the islands plastered with posters, and many local people were angry at the sheer quantity of material, as well as the potential waste created.”

His online poll can be found here.