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Request for readers’ garden photos for our summer gallery.


IN OUR LITTLE corner of the world, summer can be a very fickle thing. Some of us enjoy giving the conditions a run for their money, and each year prepare to do battle with the wind and rain, the soil and the rabbits. In the end, it’s all worthwhile when flowers bloom, and trees and shrubs make it past the top of the fence!

It’s not been the best spring so far, but we would like you to send us photos of your garden. Show us what you are proud of, the plants that have done well despite the miserable Shetland weather! For June and July we are accepting photos, which are displayed in a gallery on the website Monday 24 June onwards, with selected photos also on Facebook. The gallery will remain online in our feature section. Your photo may even head up our Facebook page as the cover image.

Please read the guidelines and terms below before sending us your photos. These may be updated, so please check regularly.



Photos need to be from this year, June/July 2019, only.

Send us a maximum of ten photos. Remember there are four weeks to send them, so if something isn’t quite ready yet, you can wait a few days until it’s perfect. Please don’t keep sending us the same photo because ‘the flower is open a bit more’.

If you send us more than one, your photos will be spread out in the gallery, rather than next to each other.

Send us landscape (horizontal) format where possible, as the gallery preview crops images, as does Facebook. If you must send a portrait (vertical) image, for example a lovely Delphinium spike, be aware it will get its head and feet chopped off in preview modes.

Don’t worry about resizing or optimising your photos. If your connection will take a large upload, we’d prefer an original image if possible.

We realise that some of our readers are not from Shetland, but might still want to share their garden. We have no objection to this, but please tell us when sending the photo so we can label it as such.

If you would like to name the plant variety/ies in the photo, that is fine, but try to keep it brief.

Clematis ‘Piilu’

If vegetables are your passion instead of flowers we can publish those too.

We accept polytunnel photos, but please don’t send photos of houseplants – they have an easy life!

All photos will be assumed to have been taken by the sender unless an alternative is given. We will also assume we have the right to publish your name and the location unless you specify otherwise.

We reserve the right to crop or resize the photos, only if necessary.

If you send multiples of the same subject, we may use just one.

You don’t need to worry if you’re not a great photographer, it doesn’t have to be the perfect shot. The plant is the star! If we feel a photo you send is of insufficient quality to publish, we will let you know.


How to send your photos

Add Shetland News as a contact on your phone; you can use Facebook (https://facebook.com/shetlandnews) to direct message us via Messenger, or send an email to gallery@shetnews.co.uk. Your photos will be added as soon as we can.


Privacy, GDPR and copyright

By sending your photo to us, your name will be included and any name you include as a caption, unless you say otherwise. You can ask us to change this at any time.

We may contact you to let you know your photos have been used. This will be by the method you contacted us. If you don’t want us to contact you for this purpose, please let us know.

The photos with the caption, which may include names, will stay online in our showcase section permanently. If you want captions removed, or the photos removed, email gallery@shetnews.co.uk, or private message us on Facebook Messenger and we will remove it as soon as we are able.

The photographer retains copyright to the image, but as always, please make sure you are happy to share your photo on the internet. No images online are private and we cannot guarantee they won’t be stored by third parties.

It’s polite to ask any (human) subjects in the frame if they mind you sending the photos to us.

Your messages will be deleted after three months of the closing date for photos. Please see our privacy policy for further details.

Ripening gooseberries