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Arts / Grayson Perry vases to head north

Grayson Perry.

TWO vases made by the award-winning contemporary artist Grayson Perry are set to go on display in Shetland later this year.

Aspects of Myself and My Gods will be exhibited at the Shetland Museum at the end of the year for around 10 weeks.

Aspects of Myself is a large glazed ovoid-shaped vase which was made in 2001 and is currently on show at the Tate Liverpool.

Shetland Museum and Archives.

My Gods, also held in the Tate collection, is a vase created back in 1994.

Perry is a contemporary artist “known for his ceramic vases, tapestries and cross-dressing, as well as his observations of the contemporary arts scene, and for dissecting British ‘prejudices, fashions and foibles’.”

He won the Turner Prize in 2003 and has made a number of documentary programmes, including the BAFTA nominated Rites of Passage series broadcast on Channel 4 last year.

Mat Roberts, chief executive of the museum managers Shetland Amenity Trust, told a meeting of trustees on Friday that it was a “really, really big coup” for the isles.

It follows Holbein’s 500-year-old painting A Lady with a Squirrel and a Starling going on display at the museum last year, with funding in place to bring both that piece and Perry’s vases north.

Speaking after the meeting, Roberts said: “I suspect within a different segment of the population, there’s more name recognition around Grayson Perry than there would have been Holbein.

“He’s a very well known figure in the contemporary art movement and within popular culture. I think it’s going to be quite an achievement really. All credit to [museum curator] Dr Ian Tait – it’s his vision that does these things.”

There will also be outreach activities on ceramics, such as classes and workshops, while the Perry pieces are in Shetland.