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News round-up / Hill targets Brexit, de-icing problems, licence reminder and photo exhibition

2017 election candidate Stuart Hill. Photo: Shetland News

CAMPAIGNER Stuart Hill says he is attempting to challenge the Brexit process by submitting a claim for all rights to the resources on land and sea in and around Shetland to a distance of 200 miles.

He claims that because the UK has never had ownership of Shetland, the isles have never formally been part of the European Union.

Hill, who has previously attempted to challenge the authorities in court, said “there is no Brexit deal”.

“The Sovereign Nation of Shetland, which is open to all residents of Shetland, has made a formal claim to the land and seas out to 200 miles from our coast, which includes the oil and fisheries,” he said.

“As far as we are concerned there is no Brexit deal concerning those resources because neither Scotland nor the UK has any legitimate claim on them. Whatever it was that joined the EU did not include Shetland – we never joined, there is no deal.

“In Shetland there is no CFP, no CAP, no EU rights and we have no masters. We watch with interest to see how our neighbours digest this information.”

THERE was disruption to some flights at Sumburgh Airport on Thursday morning after problems with de-icing equipment.

It is understood to have related to planes stationed overnight at the airport, with the Aberdeen and Edinburgh departures delayed for a number of hours.

A spokesperson for Loganair said on late Thursday morning: “An issue occurred with a de-icing rig at Sumburgh Airport and the back-up machine was brought into service – which involves preparations and testing. The morning Aberdeen departure has been delayed by around three hours but de-icing has now commenced.

“We’d like to apologise to our passengers for the inconvenience to their travel plans.”

THE SHETLAND Islands area licensing board is reminding those who hold licences for the sale of alcohol that there is a renewal deadline in May.

Ten-year personal licences issued on or before 1 September 2009 will expire by the end of 31 August 2019, and licence holders who want to continue selling alcohol after this date must submit an application for renewal to the licensing board by 31 May.

The application must also include a certificate confirming completion of a licensing refresher training course, the council said.

Depute clerk to the board Susan Brunton said: “We’re aware there are many licence holders who may not be aware of the approaching deadline and there is likely to be increased demand for training places in the coming months.

“It is important that they take steps to ensure they can attend this training and submit their applications by the deadline at the end of May, to allow them to continue to sell alcohol after the end of August.”

The application form for a renewal and guidance are available online. It can also be obtained from the Council’s Legal Services by contacting 01595 01595 744091 or 744067, or by email on legal.services@shetland.gov.uk.

THE FIRST exhibition in the main gallery at Bonhoga this year will be a showcase of images from Islesburgh Photographic Club.

One of the exhibition’s photos, by Peter Parker.

There will be a mixed display of work from current members focussing largely on Shetland and its landscape and environment, but there will also be some other images.

Shetland Arts will also launch a ‘Shetland Collection’ series of greeting cards featuring images from all the exhibition participants. They are Sidney Tulloch, Austin Taylor, David Sinclair, Graham Wishart, Joanne Harding, Jean Sinclair, Martin Smith, Peter Parker, Stuart Hubbard, Sophie Whitehead, Terry Atkinson and Teresa Williamson.

Angela Smith of Shetland Arts said the exhibition will have a “wide appeal with the diversity of subject matter to view, ranging from dramatic land and seascapes of Shetland, to stunning scenery of Turkey, Italy and USA”.

A public opening for the exhibition will take place at 10.30am on Saturday 26 January before it opens officially at 11.00am. It will run until 17 March.