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Letters / Turbines would be even more out of scale

So VE/SSE want larger turbines for their still highly controversial project (Increase planned for size of Viking turbines; SN, 26/9/18).

At 145 metres the original turbine specification was grossly out of scale to the surrounding landscapes and a 10 metre increase in height would be even more so. As our politicians of all persuasions, local and national, continue their ill-advised love affair with wind turbines this will probably be approved. Wind energy is very much over-rated by politicians as they far too readily accept wind industry “spin”.

The increase in power for each turbine will not produce any increase in reliability. If there is no wind or too much wind there will be no energy produced from the turbine and an alternative power source will still be required at these times.

Still sadly lacking here is any consideration for the people who are may have to live in close proximity to these monstrosities. New studies are proving that turbines can have adverse effects on the health of human and animal populations when turbines are situated close to dwellings. These have not been taken into account by developers to any extent as profit motives override all other considerations.

It is claimed that wind turbines are a purely green form of energy production and highly desirable if we want to “save the planet”. The reality is that turbines will not magically appear in the hills, the construction phase of wind farms are likely to be highly damaging environmentally as will any potential de-commissioning. It is also very doubtful if a project like this which is mostly on peatland will have any significant carbon payback benefits.

The very high cost of developing a project of this magnitude on Shetland and connecting it to the UK grid may yet be the stumbling block which saves Shetland and its environment from this ghastly project.

Frank Hay
Sustainable Shetland