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Redd Up bags national award

Sita Goudie with the award, flanked by Shetland Amenity Trust staff.

DA VOAR Redd Up has received a national award celebrating the thousands of volunteers who take part in the annual clean-up.

It was given a Clean Up Scotland ‘spring clean – special recognition’ hero award.

The Redd Up, which is organised by Shetland Amenity Trust, has been held for over 30 years as locals clear beaches, coastlines and roadsides of brick.

Environmental improvement officer Sita Goudie said the award “acknowledges the tens of thousands of hours our volunteers put in every year, playing their part in protecting Shetland’s natural environment for future generations”.

“During its 31 years, 100,000 Redd Up volunteers have removed over 1,900 tonnes of bruck and they have found items from many countries on our shores,” she added.

“With over 20 per cent of our population taking part annually, I am proud to be part of one of the most proactive communities in the world when it comes to taking direct community action on the global issues of littering and marine litter.

“What Da Voar Redd Up achieves is incredible and it is the volunteers who make it the success it is.”

This year more than 4,600 volunteers cleared 250 locations through the isles in April’s Redd Up, removing 65 tonnes of rubbish.