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Emigrants wanted

Professor Marjorie Harper. Photo: University of Aberdeen

A PROFESSOR of history at the University of Aberdeen is seeking to make contact with Shetlanders who have emigrated, including those who have returned to the islands.

Marjory Harper is hoping to interview local emigrants and returners for an ongoing research project.

“My most recent book, Testimonies of Transition: Voices from the Scottish Diaspora (Edinburgh: Luath, 2018) is based primarily on interviews that I have conducted with over 100 emigrants and returners,” she said.

“The publisher has recently asked me to prepare a second, enhanced edition, for publication as an audio book, and I am therefore very keen to recruit more interviewees, particularly from the Northern Isles, which were neglected in the book’s first edition.”

Details of the first book, including extracts from interviews, can be accessed at https://www.luath.co.uk/new-releases/testimonies-of-transition

Harper said overseas interviews would be conducted over Skype. She is hoping to be able to come to Shetland for face-to-face conversations if enough potential interviewees come forward.

Professor Harper can be contacted via e-mail m.harper@abdn.ac.uk or by calling her office at 01224 274473.