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Roadside rubbish clean-up event proves a success

Joy Allan helped to collect 40 bags of bruck from the Black Gaet on Saturday.

OVER 280 bags of rubbish have been collected so far as part of the first Muckle Gadderie roadside clean-up event.

Around 140 adults and children are estimated to have taken part in the event on Saturday, with those unable to attend at the weekend set to clean litter this week.

The event is the brainchild of councillor Ryan Thomson, who sits as chairman of Shetland Islands Council’s transport and environment committee and presides over a campaign to eradicate single-use plastics in the isles.

Da Muckle Gadderie encouraged people to take on a mile of road and clean up any litter they came across.

Among the items discovered by participants alongside the usual bruck were four exhausts, shoes, carpets and tyres.

Thomson said it was an “exceptional turnout” for what was is thought to be the single biggest clean-up of Shetland’s roads.

“We have spoken with Sita and Ali at Shetland Amenity Trust and hope to coordinate an even bigger clean-up alongside Da Voar Redd Up in future years,” he added.

It seems the worst offender for road-side litter was the Black Gaet, with at least 40 bags of rubbish collected containing everything from bottles and cans to car wreckage.

Some of the isles’ road network is still to be scoured for litter, including the Lang Kames.