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Extra NHS dental provision

LERWICK has secured additional dental provision after an established practice expanded to take on NHS patients.

Dental Shetland, which is located alongside Bolts, is now accepting registrations from health service patients.

Dr Ian Tinkler will take on the NHS patients, while owner Dr David Lubbe will continue to treat his existing private clients.

NHS Shetland chief executive Ralph Roberts said he was “delighted” to secure the extra provision.

“Any independent dental initiative in Shetland will bring much needed support to our public dental service and our community,” he said.

Tinkler, who previously treated health service patients until 2011 when the St Olaf St practice closed, said he will “concentrate my NHS list specifically for children, young adults and former patients”.

“With that as a priority, I shall share services with dental therapist, Kerry Sjoberg, a new and highly valued member of the Dental Shetland team.”

Enquiries to register with the practice may be done in person by calling at 28 North Road, Lerwick, ZE1 0NQ. Alternatively, people can telephone 01595 695553 or email: shet-hb.dentalshetland@nhs.net.