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1. Whereabouts in Lerwick would you have found the infectious diseases hospital?
a) The Knab   b) Lower Sound   c) Holmsgarth   d) Gremista

2. Where would you have found Lerwick’s second loch closest to?
a) Garthspool   b) The Knab   c) Holmsgarth   d) Anderson High School


3. The Widows’ Asylum was found on which road?
a) Union Street   b) Twageos Road   c) St Olaf’s Street   d) Harbour Street

4. The Curling Pond in Gilbertson’s Park was found at the
a) N.E. corner   b) N.W. corner   c) S.W. corner   d) S.E. corner

5. The beach area known as The Vadill is now the home of
a) Tesco   b) Lerwick Power Station   c) Co-op   d) Victoria Pier


6. Which car park used to be a burial ground?
a) Church Road   b) Hillhead   c) Tesco   d) Market Street

7. Lerwick’s only poorhouse could be found nearest to
a) South Gremista Industrial Estate   b) Clickimin Broch   c) Northlink Ferry Terminal   d) Town Hall

8. Bullet Loan is the former name of which thoroughfare?
a) Charlotte Street   b) Bell’s Road   c) Knab Road   d) St Sunniva Street

South Mainland

9. Will’s Ness and the Links of Sumburgh are now home to
a) Scatness archeological site   b) the Pool of Virkie   c) Sumburgh Airport   d) Toab


10. What was adjacent to the current Dunrossness Primary School?
a) Bellevue Cottage smithy   b) Broch site   c) Hillocks’ gravel pits   c) Boddam Post Office

11. The southern part of what is now Bigton, was known as
a) Growldale   b) Mewhouse   c) Wufwick   d) Purburgh

12. In which settlement could you find the houses of Troubleton (ruins) and Purgatory (still standing)?
a) Ireland   b) Wester Quarff   c) Fladdabister   d) Maywick

Central Mainland

13. Around 1900, Hamnavoe consisted of roughly
a) 10 dwellings   b) 30 dwellings   c) 45 dwellings   d) 60 dwellings

14. On the road that runs south of Whiteness, there’s a site of a kirk dedicated to
a) St Ola   b) St Usta   c) St Magnus   d) Our Lady

15. The old parliament location of Law Ting Holm, was accessed via a causeway on which body of water?
a) Loch of Asta   b) Loch of Tingwall   c) Njugal Water   d) Dales Voe

16. The formerly named Mill of Kergold, is the site of which attraction?
a) The Booth   b) Bonhoga Gallery   c) Old Haa   d) Golf course


17. At which modern day location would you have found the smithy in Scalloway?
a) Scalloway Swimming Pool   b) Main Street   c) Berry Road   d) New Street

18. Spoiled Wife’s House, seemingly in the middle of nowhere, lies approx 900m west of
a) Wadbister   b) Stromfirth   c) Vatster   d) Girlsta

West Mainland

19. Muckle Brownie’s Knowe, Little Brownie’s Knowe and a broch can all be found close to
a) Loch of Huxter   b) Loch of Norby   c) Djuba Water   d) Nether Shun

20. The ruined chapel by the pier in Sand was dedicated to
a) St Mary   b) St Hilda   c) St Nicolas   d) St Margaret

21. On Sandness Hill there used to be a
a) broch   b) quarry   c) watch tower   d) standing stone

22. The Loch of Foratwatt in Walls is
a) next to Happyhansel Primary School   b) in front of Walls Bakery   c) in front of the Methodist chapel   d) next to St Paul’s church

23. Walls Public Hall stands on the site of a former
a) kirk   b) mill   c) smithy   d) manse

24. What now stands where Madras School used to be?
a) Jamieson’s Spinning Mill   b) Sandness Primary School   c) Loch of Collaster   d) Chapel

25. Giant’s Stone is found in
a) Aithsting   b) West Burrafirth   c) Brindister   d) Sandness

North Mainland

26. The Loch of Calback is now the site of
a) Scatsta Airport   b) Brae Health Centre   c) Sullom Voe Terminal   d) Vidlin Hall

27. The Fish Drying Ground in Voe used to be in front of
a) Bellevue House   b) Voe House   c) Pierhead Restaurant   d) Voe Public Hall


28. On which island would you find the Loch of Bottoms and the Hill of Tongues?
a) Little Papa   b) Vementry   c) Linga   d) Muckle Roe

29. The old Brae school site is now a
a) housing estate   b) hall   d) supermarket   d) guesthouse

30. Gifford’s Fancy was a dwelling approx 1km north of
a) Toft Ferry Terminal   b) Sella Ness   c) Neshion Water   d) Brough Broch site

31. In Mossbank, what building stood right behind the bus shelter on Smuggabank 1-3?
a) School   b) Smithy   c) Graveyard   d) Post Office

32. The Broch of Infield has what built on top of it?
a) Milestone   b) Lighthouse   c) Standing stone   d) Watch tower

33. Between Lunna House and Hunter’s Monument lies a ruined
a) mill   b) kirk   c) school   d) monastery


34. The old school in Housetter was by the
a) pier   b) Ayre of Lochend   c) standing stones   d) Loch of Housetter

35. Ollaberry Primary School stands on the site of a former
a) school   b) manse   c) farm building   d) mill


36. Where on Foula would you find the site of a chapel, two cairns and a burial ground in close proximity?
a) Flick Lochs   b) Ham   c) Harrier   d) Hametown

Papa Stour

37. The Valley of Koam empties into which voe?
a) Housa Voe   b) West Voe   c) Hamna Voe   d) Culla Voe

38. The pier at Crabbabery Fishing Station was situated at
a) Kirk Sand   b) Gorda Water   c) West Voe   d) Culla Voe



39. The watchtower is built behind
a) Brough Lodge   b) the school   c) the public hall   d) ferry terminal


40. The adjacent former school and church in West Sandwick overlook which body of water?
a) Loch of Scattlands   b) Linga Water   c) South Ladie Voe   d) West Sand Wick

41. Buildings known as Poverty and The Lone could be found in
a) Aywick   b) Gossabrough   c) Vatsetter   d) Otterswick

42. Where would you find a Bloody Field?
a) Hamnavoe   b) Burravoe   c) Mid Yell   d) Cullivoe

43. The Earl’s Garden is found on which island between Yell and Unst?
a) Linga   b) Uyea   c) Wedda Holm   d) Haaf Gruney


44. The Mill and The Kiln were both less than 100 metres west of which body of water?
a) Gossa Water   b) Loch of Quoy   d) Loch of Watlee   d) Black Shun

45. Which settlement has both the sites of Bartle’s Kirk and St John’s Church?
a) Saxa Vord   b) Norwick   c) Haroldswick   d) Skaw

46. What’s the current name of settlement in this image on the right (click to enlarge)
a) Haroldswick   b) Westing   c) Saxa Vord   d) Uyeasound

47. The site of the Reading Room in Baltasound is occupied by
a) a shop   b) a hotel   c) Baltasound Hall  d) a Post Office

48. In 1900 Balta Sound had how many piers?
a) Seven   b) Fifteen   c) Nineteen   d) Twenty-six


Click here to see the quiz with answers highlighted.

Click here to see the quiz guide and maps link.