Albino haddock surprises scientists

SCIENTISTS at Scalloway’s NAFC Marine Centre received a surprise this week when they took delivery of a second rare albino haddock – exactly one year after the first one was caught.

And, somewhat oddly, the two fish were both caught by the local whitefish trawler Resilient.

Albino or golden haddock have little or no pigment in their skin, which leaves the fish almost completely white but with a golden tint around the fins – hence the name.

College technician Leanne Henderson said: “I have only ever seen two golden haddock and it seems incredible that they were both caught by the same boat almost exactly a year apart.”

The Resilient’s latest golden haddock was caught this week north of Fair Isle, while last year’s was hauled up north of Unst.

Golden haddock are extremely rare and very little scientific information is available about the condition.

Henderson added that the lack of colour hadn’t affected this particular haddock too much, as at a length of about 45cm it must have been several years old.