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SIC outlines building refurbishment plans

The environment and transport committee will meet on Monday in the Lerwick town hall. Photo: Shetland News

NEARLY £900,000 is expected to be spent in the next financial year on refurbishing Shetland Islands Council’s portfolio of buildings, including schools and care homes.

Included in the proposed maintenance capital work programme is replacing an asbestos roof sheeting at Mossbank Primary School at a cost of £120,000 and upgrading toilet facilities at the Mossbank and Hamnvaoe primary schools described as “unhygienic”.

The full list of works will be presented to councillors for approval on Monday at the SIC’s environment and transport committee.

The total estimated cost of work comes to £896,150 – a slight decrease on the £997,875 cost which had been projected for 2017/18.

Director of infrastructure Maggie Sandison said the work is “all routine building maintenance and replacing end of life facilities and heating systems”.

The work includes other buildings such as the Islesburgh Community Centre, the Lerwick Library, the NAFC Marine Centre and the waste to energy plant.

Some of the work planned in schools includes:

  • Replacing faulty copper pipe work with plastic at the Nesting and Tingwall primary schools at a combined cost of £72,750
  • Toilet refurbishments at the Hamnavoe and Mossbank primary schools at a combined cost of £60,000 as facilities are now “unhygienic”
  • Replacing mineral felt to area above main entrance at Mossbank Primary School with Sama or a similar product for £50,000
  • Fitting new switch gear at Sound Primary School for £40,000 to bring element up to regulation
  • Upgrading emergency lighting throughout Aith Junior High School with new energy efficient units for £35,000
  • A canteen upgrade at Baltasound Junior High School for £30,000

Work planned outside of the school estate includes:

  • Upgrading 15 en-suites at Edward Thomason House with new shower and wet wall cladding as water has been leaking behind wall lining and under floor (£14,400)
  • Repairing bathroom flooring at Seaview in wet room areas to avoid water damage (£11,500)
  • Repairing walls in the ICT department as the finish is failing in parts (£25,000)
  • Replace wall sheeting at NAFC hatchery as walls are degrading and nearing the end of their life (£25,000)
  • Shot blast, prime and paint internal columns of waste to energy plant due to the acidity affecting the surface of the structural steel and cladding (£20,500)