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First meeting of new SIC – live

New council leader Cecil Smith (right) and returning convenor Malcolm Bell (left). Photo: Hans J Marter/Shetland News

13.20 – Convener Malcolm Bell closes the meeting and praises the work done during the induction process of the last two weeks.

13.00 – A number of appointments are being made to external organisations.

Community safety and resilience board: Duncan Simpson, Alastair Cooper (chair), Steven Coutts, Mark Burgess, Allison Duncan (vice chair), Malcolm Bell, Cecil Smith.

Sullom Voe Association: Convener, leader (substantive), Alastair Cooper, Andrea Manson.

Shetland Oil Terminal Advisory Group (SOTEAG): Steven Coutts, Alastair Cooper (substantive), Stephen Leask, Emma Macdonald.

KIMO: Malcolm Bell, Robbie McGregor, Andrea Manson, Stephen Leask.

The only councillor not have been given any roles today is Lerwick South’s Amanda Westlake, who lost out in a ballot vote to be appointed to the education committee before turning down nominations for a few of the minor jobs.

12.30 – More appointments…

Town Hall sub committee – Cecil Smith, Beatrice Wishart, John Fraser, Malcolm Bell, Ryan Thomson, Andrea Manson, Theo Smith, Davie Sandison, Allison Duncan. Chair: Manson. Vice chair: Smith.

Employees joint consultative committee: George Smith, Robbie McGregor, Cecil Smith, Ryan Thomson, Catherine Hughson, Davie Sandison, Emma Macdonald, Alec Priest.

College lecturers joint consultative/negotiating committee: Emma Macdonald, George Smith.

ZetTrans: Ryan Thomson, Robbie McGregor, Davie Sandison, Alec Priest (both substantive), Steven Coutts, Duncan Simpson (both substitute members).

Pension board: George Smith, Emma Macdonald, Ian Scott.

COSLA convention: Alastair Cooper to join convener and leader at conventions.

12.10 – The planning committee will feature Theo Smith, Andrea Manson, Duncan Simpson, Emma Macdonald, Steven Coutts, Davie Sandison, George Smith, Cecil Smith and Malcolm Bell.

On the audit committee is Robbie McGregor, Andrea Manson, John Fraser, Ryan Thomson, Ian Scott, Cecil Smith and Stephen Leask.

George Smith, Emma Macdonald, Beatrice Wishart and Alec Priest are appointed to the college board.

The harbour board will feature Steven Coutts, Mark Burgess, Allison Duncan, Alastair Cooper, Stephen Leask and Ryan Thomson.

11.50 – The meeting reconvenes after a comfort break to decide on the make-up of the council’s committees.

Emma Macdonald, Davie Sandison, Catherine Hughson, Robbie McGregor, Beatrice Wishart, Robbie McGregor, John Fraser, Cecil Smith and Peter Campbell are appointed to the education and families committee, with Amanda Westlake losing a ballot vote.

The development committee will feature Alec Priest, Andrea Manson, Theo Smith, Mark Burgess, Allison Duncan, Peter Campbell and John Fraser.

On the environment and transport committee will be Alec Priest, Andrea Manson, Steven Coutts, Davie Sandison, George Smith, Peter Campbell and Stephen Leask.

Newly elected councillors gather at the museum's auditorium for their first meeting. Photo: Shetland News

11.30 – After another ballot, Burgess is put forward as the remaining council IJB member to sit on the policy and resources committee.

11.20 – Stephen Leask, Mark Burgess, Emma Macdonald and Robbie McGregor are put forward for the two remaining council positions on the IJB.

McGregor is out of contention after receiving the lowest amount of the votes. The result of the next ballot sees Macdonald and Burgess appointed to the IJB.

11.00 – Allison Duncan, Robbie McGregor, Emma Macdonald and Andrea Manson are all nominated for the vice chair role of the Integration Joint Board.

Duncan gets eight votes and Manson bags seven, while Macdonald and Manson get three each. Macdonald is eliminated from the vote after a lot is drawn by a member of the public. Duncan receives a majority of the next vote to be appointed vice chair of the IJB.

10.45 – The first ballots are taken as the members decide on the vice chairs of its committees. Theo Smith beats John Fraser 18-4 to be appointed vice chair of the education and families committee.

New Lerwick North member Stephen Leask gets 15 votes against Alec Priest’s nine to become the vice chair of the development committee.

All of the other vice chair appointments are unopposed. Robbie McGregor is appointed to the environment and transport committee, Andrea Manson is selected as vice chair of the planning committee and new member Catherine Hughson is appointed to the audit committee.

North Isles member Duncan Simpson is appointed vice chair of the harbour board, George Smith is selected for the licensing committee and Theo Smith is appointed vice-chair of the college board.

10.35 – Theo Smith is appointed chair of the planning committee, while Allison Duncan will lead the audit committee. 

North Isles councillor Ryan Thomson was the only new councillor appointed to chair a main committee.

Andrea Manson is re-appointed harbour board chair, while new member Ian Scott will be the the licensing committee chair. Peter Campbell, meanwhile, will lead the Shetland College board again.

10.30 – Allison Duncan nominates George Smith as chair of the education and families committee, who is unopposed and takes the role.

For the development committee, Alastair Cooper is nominated and unopposed, so he stays in his role for another five years.

Ryan Thomson, who ran a campaign for fairer fares for the NorthLink ferries, is proposed for chair of the environment and transport committee. There are no other nominees, so the North Isles member gets the job.

Lerwick South councillor Cecil Smith is the SIC's new political leader

10.25Cecil Smith is the only member proposed for leader, so the Lerwick South member takes up the post. He said it is an “honour” to be leader.

Smith proposes Steven Coutts as depute leader, who gets the role.

Lerwick North councillor Malcom Bell has been reappointed as convener of Shetland Islands Council

10.20 – Malcolm Bell is given the task of nominating his choice of depute convener. He said he wanted to put forward one of the new members, and he proposes Beatrice Wishart. There are no other suggestions, so Wishart is appointed.

10.15 – The first post to be filled this morning is convener, previously held by Malcolm Bell. The Lerwick North member was proposed by Robbie McGregor and seconded by Ryan Thomson. No other councillors were mooted, so Bell is reappointed for a further five years.

10.10 – The meeting kicks off slightly later than planned as staff attempt sort out a telephone link to missing members Duncan Simpson and Steven Coutts, who are unable to attend the meeting.

A call to new North Isles member Simpson goes straight to voicemail, but he is eventually connected.

9.50 – Good morning from the museum auditorium in Lerwick for the first meeting of the new Shetland Islands Council, which features ten fresh faces alongside 12 re-elected members.

Today the councillors will decide who should take up the prominent convener and leader posts, while the chairs of the various committees will also be elected.