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Otter-spotting tops magazine list of wildlife experiences

Otter-spotting topped Travel magazine's list of the best wildlife experiences in the world. Photo: Rory Tallack.

OTTER-SPOTTING in Shetland has come out on top in a travel magazine’s list of top global wildlife experiences – outdoing attractions in North America, Africa and Australia. 

Travel magazine placed spotting the playful creatures ahead of a host of exotic activities including tracking wolf packs in Wyoming, swimming with sharks in Australia and killer whales in Norway, polar bear safaris in Canada and feeding hyenas in Ethiopia.

Otter spotting in the islands was at the top of a list of six of the best global wildlife encounters in the magazine’s May edition.

It said: “Not content with taking over YouTube – stealing the limelight from kittens and their cute antics – otters and their squeaky offspring have been quietly reconquering Britain’s rivers and coasts.

“As you’ll see if you head north to the craggy Shetland islands, home to the highest density of Eurasian otters in the country.”

The magazine recommends Shetland Nature, run by local guide Brydon Thomason who offers wildlife, birding and photography holidays. The article points out that Brydon has been lucky enough to have otters “clamber over his shoes”.

It also recommends exploring Shetland’s coastline by kayak.