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Nesting gulls reminder

SHETLAND Islands Council is reminding locals that help is available if they are worried about gulls nesting on their property this spring.

The environmental health team is on hand to give advice on nest-proofing rooftops, while staff can also remove existing nests and eggs before they hatch.

The removal service comes at a cost of £87.55, but it includes up to three visits to ensure the issue has been resolved.

Environmental health team leader Patti Dinsdale said: “If you experience nesting birds on your roof then we can remove the nests and eggs as soon as possible. Once eggs have hatched and chicks are in the nest, we are not going to take any further action.

“Parent gulls can be quite aggressive once they have chicks in the nest, so we’d ask anyone who has had a previous problem with nesting gulls to contact us sooner rather than later, so that we can take steps to prevent the nest being made in the first place.”

For more information, contact the environmental health team on (01595) 745250.