Man accused of disorderly behaviour and threats to kill

A THIRTY seven year old man has appeared in court accused of behaving in a disorderly manner, brandishing a knife, threatening to kill others and assaulting three police officers.

Craig Nelson, of 20 Hoofields, pleaded not guilty to nine separate charges when he appeared at Lerwick Sheriff Court on Tuesday afternoon.


It is alleged that on Monday at Hoofields he conducted himself in a disorderly manner by shouting, swearing, threatening to assault, slit the throats of and kill others.

He is accused of repeatedly knocking on the door and window of his neighbour, kicking the door, demanding that the occupants come out, brandishing a knife, pretending to damage a car tyre with the knife and committing a breach of the peace.

Nelson is also alleged to have possessed a knife, behaved in a threatening or abusive manner by shouting, swearing and threatening to kill police constables.

He is accused of assaulting three male police constables, repeatedly biting one on the leg, repeatedly attempting to butt another, and attempting to bite the hand of the third constable.

At Lerwick Police Station later on the same date he is accused of repeatedly threatening to kill police constables before maliciously smearing faeces over a cell camera lens and urinating over the cell door.

Honorary sheriff Malcolm Bell “very narrowly” decided to grant bail, which was opposed by procurator fiscal Keith Adam, with the special condition that Nelson must stay away from Hoofields. He was bailed to his partner’s address in Whiteness.

Nelson is set to face trial on 13 April, with an intermediate diet on 28 March.