Laughing it all off

Shetland comedian Marjolein Robertson, who leads The Imposters.

SHETLAND’s latest improvised comedy night will be held in Lerwick on Friday, with politics high on the agenda.

Local improv group The Imposters and their tutor Marjolein Robertson will take to the stage at the town’s Legion.

It will be the third time the popular comedy collective have hosted their own show, with the latest effort dubbed Brave New World.


The evening will largely take inspiration from the current state of politics both in the UK and abroad, with topics like Brexit and Donald Trump no doubt set to feature heavily.

Set to take part in the Whose Line Is It Anyway? style show will be Robertson, Paul Sansom, Thomas Jones, Ashlea Tulloch, Alex Garrick-Wright and Les Sinclair.

Robertson commented: “We feel that the current political situation in the UK, and as a consequence the EU, or should we say now, not the EU, will likely ring through the humour of the night.

“Whether you voted yes/no, out/remain, female/male Guizer Jarl, we are not here to judge or impose our views, rather celebrate and make fun of all in the world with comedy. Why not just have an evening off to laugh at everything?”

The show comes just weeks before Robertson and Sinclair head south to take part at Edinburgh’s Fringe festival.

There will be no entry fee on the door on the night, with donations welcome. The entertainment will kick off at 8pm.