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Fuel poverty survey

A SHORT survey to help Shetland Islands Council tackle fuel poverty locally has been sent out to every home in the isles.

The survey simply asks how much households spend on heating and electricity, relative to their income.

Any household that spends more than 10 per cent of its income on heating and lighting their home adequately are deemed to be ‘fuel poor’.

Previous reports, including from Citizens Advice Bureau, have deemed the level of fuel poverty in Shetland as high as 43 per cent.

The information gathered will help the council lobby for additional government funding to tackle the issue, as well as increase pressure on energy companies for fairer tariffs.

Councillor Michael Stout said the survey would give the SIC accurate data on the overall picture of fuel poverty in Shetland.

“We need to understand clearly how people in Shetland are affected by rising energy costs so that we can make the case for resources to help tackle the problem,” he said.

The survey has now been sent out with a reply paid envelope and should be returned by 19 November.

The council’s energy helpdesk can be contact on 01595 744179 with further queries.