Japanese joy for Frankie’s

Delighted with the response are (from left) Michiko Kuniyoshi, Carlyn Kearney, Calum Richardson, Shunji Nishimura and Shoko Shimohara - Photo: Frankie's Fish & Chips

FRANKIE’S Fish and Chips has been enjoying big success at the annual British Fair in Osaka, Japan, the company said.

The Brae based business was invited to take part in the three-week event at the city’s Hankyu department store after being named the best fish and chip shop in the UK, in January.


Manager Carlyn Kearney attended the fair this month alongside Calum Richardson of The Bay in Stonehaven, and she helped to sell more than 1,200 portions of fish and chips from their pop-up shop in one day alone.

Around 120 British brands were represented at the fair, which was expected to attract more than half a million people.

Frankie’s took fish and potatoes to Japan in a freezer container, as well as bringing with them thousands of bilingual business cards.

Kearney said their stall had been “incredibly busy”.

“I don’t think I really appreciated how popular fish and chips are here in Japan,” she added.

“The people are very enthusiastic and our fish and chips have been very well received. It’s hard to believe that people in the land of sushi and sashimi have embraced fish and chips so strongly.”