CAB - 7 Oct 2020 - 10 Oct 2020 - Advice

Letters / Voting with bitter irony

So now we have it, the SNP zealots chime on in full voice.

I actually agree with much they say but will never support those whose primary aim is divisive.

The word “Nationalist” is the name of the game and their true and only motivation. No stone is left unturned, no principle held to, any and every type of insult and threat used to forward this divisive goal.

On the positive side, I thank the SNP for so opening up the class divide, unwittingly they have divided the socialist cause and so weakened Labour in Scotland which must be for the better, though sadly they have replaced it with something far worse, the cult nationalist, exalting the divine Nicola.

A vast cosmetic improvement on her predecessor Salmond, but rather like the Thatcher, a real wolf in sheep’s clothing, perhaps not the iron fist, but maybe still Alex’s little puppet, sweet but with a bitter motivation called division.

Anyway, enough said, with a bitter irony I will vote Liberal; certainly a purely tactical move, just the lesser of two weasels, Carmichael is at least open about his background, a member of a proud tradition in Shetland and does not jump ship on every opportunity to follow his personal goals.

He also makes no claims about being a born again, old Etonian, Jo Grimond!

Sadly our other prospective candidates stand no chance, a vote there would be wasted.

Ian Tinkler