Teenager arrested in alleged firearms incident

Armed police officers arriving at Westerloch Drive on Tuesday afternoon. Photo: Thomas Ewenson

A TEENAGER has been arrested and taken into custody in relation to an alleged firearms incident in Shetland, Police Scotland has confirmed.

Police have confirmed that they received reports at around 1pm on Tuesday of a man acting “suspiciously” and who appeared to be in possession of a firearm in the Scord area of Scalloway.


Witnesses watching from East Voe reported that a man had abandoned a small rigid inflatable boat after it grounded in shallow water near the main road approaching Scalloway.

Firearms officers were flown into Shetland and arrived by helicopter shortly after 4pm. Traffic coming into Lerwick from the south came to a standstill for a time while police dealt with the incident.

In a short statement issued to the media Police Scotland confirmed a 16 year old man was in custody relating to “an alleged firearms incident in Shetland”.

Armed officers based in Shetland were joined with armed officers from the mainland in the search for the man. They tracked him down in the Murrayston area of Lerwick where he was arrested at approximately 5.15pm.

A small boat was abandoned in the water at East Voe on Tuesday afternoon. Photo: Shetnews

Police said no one was injured and enquiries are continuing into the incident.

At one stage an urgent appeal was issued for members of the public to remain indoors around the Fogralea, Nederdale, Murrayston and South Road areas of Lerwick while they dealt with the incident.

One witness travelling back into Lerwick said they were sitting in traffic near the old observatory and saw armed officers emerging from a helicopter with police dogs.

A police car was stationed at the south entrance to the Black Gaet near Gulberwick for much of the afternoon.

Shortly before 5.30pm police chief inspector Eddie Graham confirmed to Shetland News that officers had finished dealing with the incident and a man had been taken into custody.