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Busy coastguard

The Sumburgh based Coastguard helicopter was involved in two of the three call outs Shetland Coastguard coordinated.

Shetland Coastguard coordinated three incidents over a twelve-hour period between Thursday afternoon and the early hours of Friday.

The search and rescue helicopter 102 was first called out at 2.52pm to airlift an injured crewman from the oil standby vessel Grampian Protector, 105 miles south east of Shetland.

The man was taken to Sumburgh airport where he was transferred to a waiting ambulance and then taken to the Gilbert Bain Hospital in Lerwick.

The Sumburgh based helicopter was then tasked to fly to Orkney to help locate two missing walkers on the island of Hoy.

Voluntary coastguard teams and the Stromness lifeboat were also involved in the search.

The two walkers were found and taken on board the helicopter at quarter to eight.

They were flown to Kirkwall airport from where they were taken to the Balfour Hospital with signs of mild hypothermia.

Finally Shetland Coastguard coordinated the Stornoway based search and rescue helicopter 100 as it was tasked to airlift a passenger from the cruise liner Thomson Spirit, off Cape Wrath.

The passenger in need of medical attention was flown to Kirkwall airport.