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Letters / Stuffed and alone

Douglas Young, a few tiny flaws in your latest fantasy (‘Fish or bombs’, SN 29/7/14). Firstly there is absolutely no evidence to suggest an independent Scotland would even be allowed entrance into the EU.

Secondly Alex Salmond has already stated as a negotiating ploy he may ban EU boats from Scottish waters. That could well result in reciprocal action from the EU, including rUK, of a total ban on Scottish products to European markets.

Thirdly, with regard to Trident, Salmond wishes to join NATO with all NATO nuclear protocols and treaties. That would result in any NATO ship or plane having an absolute right to enter and berth in any Scottish port, military or not, with no question asked by the Scottish Government. SSBNs (nuclear submarines) in Lerwick, Aith, Voe and Scalloway! Nuclear armed aircraft at Sumburgh. That was a real contingency when a three megaton Soviet bomb was targeted at Saxa during the Cold War.

Thank God for a credible deterrent that kept the Cold War cold!

For your bairns and grand bairns, what’s it to be? Yes or No? Keep the UK strong, united and safe with a No vote, or fantasy Salmond land, hopelessly weakened, arms-dependent on NATO and the US, isolated and controlled by Brussels if lucky, otherwise truly stuffed and alone.

Ian Tinkler