Baton bearers

AROUND 90 Shetlanders will take a turn at carrying the baton for this summer’s Commonwealth Games when it arrives in the islands on 1 July.

Those who will carry the baton, including former Anderson High School head teacher George Jamieson and enthusiastic sports coach Mandy Henderson, have now been notified following some technical hiccups on Monday.


Baton bearers will carry the torch between Sumburgh and Brae, stopping off at Sandwick, Lerwick, Scalloway and Aith, where school and community events will be held to celebrate the countdown to the Glasgow 2014 games.

Neil Watt of the SIC’s sport and leisure department said: “When the Queen’s Baton Relay comes to Shetland there will be approximately 90 people from across Shetland who will be carrying the baton.

“This will be a very exciting day for all of them and for Shetland as a whole. I am sure they will enjoy the day and I hope that lots of people will make the effort to come out and support them on 1 July – congratulations and well done to all of them.”


He added: “I am delighted that [the relay] will be in Shetland during the school term so that children from across the islands will have the opportunity to participate in one of the school and community events happening that day.”

Jamieson, who was AHS head from 1982 to 1995, has a wide experience in education, sport and community service. He captained the first Unst team to win the Parish Cup in 1964 and played football for Shetland at junior and senior levels, as well as becoming involved in coaching and managing the junior inter-county side.


Henderson has also given a great deal to the community through her involvement in various sports – coaching, organising, officiating and taking part. Over the course of 30 years she has been involved in netball, swimming, hockey and golf. She was a swimming event coordinator at the 2005 Island Games and helped form a group to develop junior netball in Shetland – helping spark success at local and national level.

Glasgow 2014 is the 20th Commonwealth Games and will take place from 23 July to 3 August. The baton relay has been held since the 1958 games in Cardiff and this year will see up to 4,000 bearers take part.