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At the movies with Shetland News

www.shetnews.co.uk will exclusively screen Simon Thompson’s full-length documentary Reels on Wheels: The Hansel Story this weekend.

Reels on Wheels follows last year’s Shetland Arts Hansel of Film project as it travels across Britain showing more than 100 homemade short films in 23 venues.

The moving and often funny film chronicles the highs and lows, the lessons and the forming of relationships during the months-long epic.

The film premiered at Mareel on 8 September and has been screened just once outside Shetland since, so this is a rare opportunity to watch the work of a local filmmaker.

The 84-min film will be accessible online at www.shetnews.co.uk from 8pm Friday (18 October) until 8am Monday (21 October).

We are grateful to Simon Thompson and to Shetland Arts Development Agency for making the first www.shetnews.co.uk film screening possible.

Scottish Parliament election, 6 May 2021