NHS Shetland - Survey - March 2021

Celebrating da midder tongue

DA LOCAL dialect group Shetland ForWirds is axin idder community organisations ta join dem ta celebrate der 10th anniversary.

Der wantin 2014 ta be markit as a Year of Dialect aa trow da isles.

SFW wis set up in 2004 efter a dialect convention. Fae syne, Shetland ForWirds is geen maist o its time ta developin a website an makkin gear fir primary an pre-schule bairns ta use.

Scoitin ahead tae nixt year, da group’s convener Mary Blance says dey want ta celebrate da midder tongue wi aabody in Shetland.

Der writin tae idder local organisations, groups an businesses ta fin oot foo muckle support dey wid be fir sic a ploy an ta generate ideas ta makk it happen.

“Der a lokk gyain on as it is. Hit wid be lovely to draa mair attention tae aa dat an, forbye, encourage mair folk ta use da dialect in creative wyes,” shö said.

“Wir ain concert alwis sells oot every year an da Shetland Folk Festival’s dialect concert wis juist da sam.

“Da dialect is at da very heart o sprees laek da Big Bannock and it’s alwis been an important pairt o da annual County Drama Festival.

“Der plenty o idder examples o da spokken an written dialect oot dere – bit we wid laek ta see even mair.”

Da group is already wirkin alang wi da Lunnasting history group on a special foy ta celebrate poet Rhoda Bulter’s life in da Vidin Hall on 15 July nixt year.

You can git a hadd a Shetland ForWirds trow der website www.shetlanddialect.org.uk or you can e-mail mary@thesletts.demon.co.uk