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His Royal Bearness

George Alexander Louis from Burra, Shetland

A ROYAL teddybear knitted from pure Shetland wool is to help the future king sleep at nights.

Shetland Islands Council sent one of the islands’ famous Burra Bears as a gift to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to congratulate them on the arrival of their son George on 22 July.

On Wednesday SIC convener Malcolm Bell said he had received a letter of thanks from Kensington Palace bearing the duke and duchess’ warmest thanks and best wishes.

The bear, handmade by Wendy Inkster from Burra, has been named George Alexander Louis after the young prince himself.

The royal thankyou letter

“The birth of a future king is such a special event and I thought it important that, as the most northerly part of his future kingdom, Shetland should mark Prince George’s safe arrival,” the convener said.

“I was delighted to commission a Burra Bear, named after Prince George himself and am pleased and honoured to hear their royal highnesses have accepted this small gift.

“In time I look forward to Prince George visiting Shetland himself.”

Much time and thought went into choosing a traditional Fair Isle pattern knitted in soft colours from pure, undyed Shetland wool.

Inkster said that it was a real honour to have had one of her bears chosen to represent the islands’, especially considering the amount of talented islanders producing such a wide range of innovative and unique craft products.

“I was so proud to think that one of my peerie bears was chosen to be sent to the future king,” she said.

“As I often receive postcards from my bears I am now just waiting for the postie to deliver one from a very special address in London!”