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Letters / Wasting money on chips

I’ve just read the article about the state of Shetland roads (Roads deteriorating; SN 26/6/13) and was surprised at what I read.

Having driven a few thousand miles on Shetland roads (mainly the northern isles) I am really impressed at the state of them and how wonderfully smooth they are with hardly a bump or a pothole in sight, unlike the terrible rutted and potholed roads back at home in England.

Considering how the SIC are constantly saying they need to save money and are making severe cuts that are having a devastating effect on the isles and the locals like ferry, bus, school and social care cuts, I am more than surprised at what they are doing on Yell.

I have always thought that Yell roads are fantastic! Wonderfully smooth and lovely to drive on.

Therefore I was really surprised to see that SIC are wasting money ruining these roads by putting chippings down.

It serves no purpose other than to waste money, make the roads dangerous to bikers (most of it was done just before the Simmer Dim rally so the bikers had to navigate lots of loose chippings), crack vehicle windscreens and annoy drivers!

Now the SIC have done this Yell is no longer such a pleasure to drive on and my car is suffering from the loose chippings!

Why is the SIC wasting money putting chippings down and ruining roads?

Sal North
Shetland visitor from England