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Letters / Irrelevant to my point

John, yes, I did read your letter but dismissed it as being irrelevant to my point. (Geordie, you didn’t read my letter, SN 30 April 2012)

I don’t have to make an argument based on a “premiss” (sic), false or otherwise. I only have to point out the facts as they stand.  It is for Sustainable Shetland to put forward an alternative to the Viking Wind Farm which they have singularly failed to do.

My standpoint offers the prospect of diversifying industry in Shetland as against Sustainable Shetland’s status quo of declining indigenous industry and lack of prospect for future generations.

So, I don’t have to research into “Resurging North American Oil Production et al ” or look at “thorium nuclear reactors  ..readily scaleable” or otherwise.  I’ll leave that to techno-phobes and climate change deniers.

Geordie Pottinger